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Nortel Bead Core Lining Press (OUT OF STOCK)

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Nortel Bead Core Lining Press (OUT OF STOCK)

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This new bead core lining tool has innovative and unique features to enable quick and easy tool changes for a large range of liner sizes. The machine comes complete with a variety of sizes of ball-style forming tools for core liner sizes 1/8 up to 1/2 inch diameter. Useful tips: Use Brass, Copper, Sterling or Fine Silver tubing. Cut and anneal the tubing first. Cut tubing approximately 1/8 longer than the width of the bead hole - but beads with a more pronounced "dimple" will take longer tubes. The tube or liner can be removed if needed (i.e. wrong length) by gently cutting through it with a jeweler's saw (small hacksaw with a very fine blade). Also forgiving of less than perfect bead holes. Holes with raised areas can also be smoothed with a tapered grindstone.


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