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  • Since its inception in 2000 Griffin Glass Tools mission statement has remained simple, strong and clear; “Flameworking equipment designed and produced by a glass artist with a clear understanding of the field that they service allows for the creation of functional and adaptable glass working equipment.” 


  • During the design and manufacturing stage, each tool undergoes extensive quality assurance and quality control before reaching the consumer.  To achieve the level of precision that Scott demands he is assisted by a skilled team of engineers and machinists.  “Our design interests are focused on enhancing the abilities of the modern flameworker through advanced tooling, and helping to create a more efficient and effective work environment.”


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Brass Octagonal Joint Reamer
$31.50 - $31.50
$35.00 - $35.00
Graphite Push with Tungsten Tip
$31.50 - $32.40
$35.00 - $36.00
Graphite Paddle with Aluminum Handle
$27.00 - $36.90
$30.00 - $41.00
Fume Exhuast Hood Packages
$463.50 - $495.00
$515.00 - $550.00

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