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JY Air Inlet Valve 5MM Bore - Fine Thread 12.7 mm OD Tube on one end

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JY Air Inlet Valve 5MM Bore - Fine Thread 12.7 mm OD Tube on one end

SKU: JYALS-1 $34.50

Tube on one end – Other end excepts 1/4" hose

Many vacuum techniques require the system to be led down to air. This valve fulfills the requirement simply by turning the screw cap which releases a PTFE (Teflon) piston giving a fine control Wale is now the USA distributor of the J Young valves/Stopcocks Manufactured by GPE Scientific Limited. J Young high quality  vacuum greaseless stopcocks incorporate three O-ring Seals on a standard PTFE piston. This guarantees a vacuum of 10 -6 Torr. Under normal conditions thousands of hours use can be expected as wear can only occur to the O-rings which are easily replaced. Cleaning is no problem as all surfaces are glazed: therefore a grease free system is obtained needing the simplest management! Note: The PTFE used complies with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 1777.1550 and USP class VI and is free from animal components BSE/TSE (pdf)  

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