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Lampworkers Combo

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Lampworkers Combo

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WaleWear custom glassworking eyewear

The Lampwork Eye Protection Combo is perfect for working with both soft and borosilicate colored glass! Lightweight, comfortable and versatile, the Lampworkers Eye Protection Combo can be worn alone or over existing glasses because of the fit-over plastic frame. The Lampworkers Eye Protection Combo offers Sodium Flare, UV, and IR protection and a flip up #3 welders shade for working with borosilicate color – a classic in our Glassworking, Lampworking Glasses & Eyewear product line.

  • BASE LENS SB-Series: This series is slightly darker than the standard series. The SB-series eyewear would typically be used by the soft glass or clear borosilicate glass lampworker. Also excellent for kiln work and glassblowing. Sodium Flare, UV and IR protection.
  • CLIP-ON  #3 WELDERS SHADE: Offers additional UV and IR protection, and cuts down on the Brightness.
  • Made in the USA

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2 Review    |    Write a Review
Julie Delaney - August 21, 2016

I really like wearing these glasses because they fit over my prescription glasses. I flip up the shade 3 when doing small detail work and flip down the shade 3 when I m heating the glass to orange glow. Having both types of shades in one pair of glasses is economical and convenient.

Dan Brucker - January 15, 2016

I love these! They actually fit over my glasses and work great for Boro and soft glass

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