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Grey/Clear 'Geek' Designer Frame

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Grey/Clear 'Geek' Designer Frame

WaleWear custom glassworking eyewear

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Enjoy the stylish vintage look of “Geek” frames with the safety and protection of the scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses for maximum lampwork eye protection and style. The durable plastic frames start in a dark Grey up-top and fade stylishly into clear along the bottom. Three lens strengths are available for all types of glasswork and lampwork – and they all provide Sodium Flare and UV Protection. For lampwork jobs that require more eye protection, the SB and B3 series offer additional IR protection.

Lens Size: 52mm wide x 35mm high.

Lens Options: 

S-Series: Polycarbonate Sodium Flare Eye Protection for Lampworkers who typically work on soft glass. Comfortable frames can be worn while working under high ambient light conditions. The S-Series Eye Protection frames offer Sodium Flare and UV protection.

SB-Series: The SB-Series of the Polycarbonate Eye Protection offers slightly darker lenses than the S-Series. This eye protection is ideal for lampworkers handling soft glass or clear borosilicate. Glassblowers and kiln workers will find the SB series an ideal choice for eye protection as it offers Sodium Flare, UV, and IR protection.

B3 Series: The B3 Eye Protection Series add a welder shade #3 to reduce brightness when working with borosilicate glass. Lampworkers with a need for added eye protection and additional brightness reduction can count on the B3-Series to provide maximum protection when handling borosilicate glass, including Sodium Flare, UV, and IR protection.

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