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Fit Over Style

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Fit Over Style

WaleWear custom glassworking eyewear


The lightweight and comfortable Fit-Over Style can be used as a standard frame or will fit over existing glasses. Perfect eye protection for kiln work, the Fit-Over Style offers scratch-resistant polycarbonate S Series lenses with Sodium Flare and UV protection. The durable plastic frames with side shields and adjustable side arms extends the eye protection all around. Upgrade to the SB and B3 lenses for additional IR protection.

Lens Options:

S-Series: This series of Eye Protection is typically used when completing soft glass lampwork because of its Sodium Flare and UV protection.

SB-Series: Slightly darker than the "S" series, the “SB” series of Lampwork Eye Protection are typically used for the soft glass or clear borosilicate glass lampwork, as well as for glassblowers and kiln workers. Offers Sodium Flare, UV, and IR protection.

B3-Series: With the same darker shade as the "SB" series, the B-3 Series of Lampwork Eye Protection offers the addition of a welder shade #3 for even more brightness reduction. The eyewear in the “B3” series is typically used in borosilicate glass lampwork for maximum eye protection. Offers Sodium Flare, UV, and IR protection.

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 B5-SERIES Shade #5

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4 Review    |    Write a Review
Shannon Gough - May 24, 2018

This style is great for fitting with or without glasses and is wonderful on people with smaller faces without glasses.

Ninad - May 24, 2018

I absolutely love my fit over glasses. I don’t need to worry about changing prescriptions as I need new glasses. I have the SB glasses and use them for soft glass, but also have the B3 Boro glasses, for when I want to dable in boro work. I take both pairs of glasses with me to conferences for classes and for watching demos. Best invention ever!

karl - May 24, 2018

I am an instructor at a school and these are great because they work well for both people with and without prescription glasses. They have lasted well in the abusive school environment.

Angela Russell - March 16, 2016

I feel like these are a high quality product. I have another pair of fit overs from a different company that cost twice and much and these are just as good. I bought them as guest glasses for my studio but find myself wearing them as well. Great product sold by Wale! They are a little bit large, but with fit overs it s hard to get a good tight fit that works for all types of regular eye ware.

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