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Wale Apparatus has recently acquired National Scientific, a 60 year old company specializing in quartz and borosilicate distribution and fabrication ande we have been in the glass industry since 1970. Our cutting and fabrication team has over 30 years experience in custom cutting, grinding, beveling, fire polishing, and custom fabrication. Wale Apparatus is an Authorized Momentive GE fused quartz distributor and fabricator.

Choose from our complete stock of quartz tube & quartz rod products to custom quartz orders specially fabricated to your specific needs, we strive to be your long-term and value-adding partner. It is our objective to help you achieve quality and efficiency with our Quartz products and superior services.

  •  Stock Materials - Fused Quartz tubing and rod
  •  Custom quartz polished plates and discs
  •  Screened and cleaned quartz available in a variety of mesh
  •  Custom Fabrication - semiconductor quartzware such as quartz ampoules and plugs, light pipes and windows, laboratory glassware
  •  Ground quartz joints
  •  Specializing of quartzware for the crystal growth industry
  •  Quartz wool & crucibles 

Clear fused quartz tubing is a high purity (99.99%+) quartz glass suitable for temperatures up to 1600 C.  Resistance to thermal shock is another important property of quartz tubing. Perfect for research & production facilities, universities, glassblowing companies, lampworking and flame working industries. 

Combining very high purity with outstanding high temperature properties, quartz tubing is an excellent candidate to consider for use in furnaces for processing fused quartz, tube & rod, polished plate , wool and crucibles  screened and cleaned  crushed quartz. Quartz tubing is developed to tolerate the various thermal gradients and high temperature extremes High purity and tight dimensional control of fused quartz tubing, Quartz fabrication and quartz tubing is available in a wide range of diameters and wall thicknesses.

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