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The Sharp Flame Surface Mix Hand Torch

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The Sharp Flame Surface Mix Hand Torch

New torch was released on 2/14/18!!!!

INTRODUCING The New Sharp Flame hand torch! This hand torch
was designed specifically to mimic the popular center fire flame of our
discontinued PM2D bench burner. This stainless steel hand torch produces
an adjustable surface mix gas and oxygen flame, perfect for flame workers
looking for precise heat application, and sophisticated fuel mixture
capabilities. This flame is gentle to glass, yet provides a significant amount of heat for fast and even melting.

What makes The Sharp Flame hand torch Special?

The Sharp Flame hand torch provides a wide range of surface mix
flames, normally found in a center fire of a sophisticated bench burner, but
in the convince of a hand held torch. This torch lets flame workers
administer soft, well-balanced, yet penetrating flames, directly where they
need it most. Making precision detail work and seals on sensitive colors a

Not only does the Sharp Flame hand torch produce superior quality
flame settings, but its sleek, stainless steel design and adjustable aluminum
handle, sets it apart from all other hand torches available today!
When first released, the flame working community will have the
option to purchase the torch with the standard 4” neck length or the longer
7” neck length.

Now in stock!!!!!!!

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Item No.
 The Sharp Flame Surface Mix Hand Torch
 The Sharp Flame Surface Mix Hand Torch w/ 4" Neck
 The Sharp Flame Surface Mix Hand Torch w/ 7" Neck

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