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Square Tubing

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Square Tubing

Supplied in 1' lengths.  Please see minimum order requirements below:

  • S-102 thru S-105 - 3 ft. minimum
  • S-106 thru S-130 - 2 ft. minimum
  • S-130 and up - 1 ft. minimum

Wale offers a complete line of high quality Square Tubing in Borosilicate Clear Glass that can be drawn to various sizes. Wall tolerances are typically /-20%, while inner dimension tolerances are held to much tighter specifications. Come in 1' lengths. Can be supplied in lengths up to 4' long if requested. Some items are stocked, but others will have a lead time. Contact us for availability. ST-8505 THRU ST-8100 - PLEASE CALL FOR MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT AND PRICING FOR THESE SIZES S-102 THRU S-105 3FT MINIMUM ORDER. S-106 THRU S-130 2FT MINIMUM ORDER. S-130 AND UP 1 FT MINIMUM ORDER.

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Item No.
 2mm ID x 2.8mm OD
 3mm ID x 4mm OD
 5mm ID x 6.4mm OD
 6mm ID x 7.6mm OD
 8mm ID x 9.6mm OD
 10mm ID x 11.8mm OD
 12mm ID x 14mm OD
 13mm ID x 15mm OD
 14mm ID x 16mm OD
 16mm ID x 18.20mm OD
 18mm ID x 21mm OD
 20mm ID x 23mm OD
 22mm ID x 25.60mm OD
 25mm ID x 28.6mm OD
 28mm ID x 31.6mm OD
 30mm ID x 33.6mm OD
 35mm ID x 38.6mm OD
 40mm ID x 44mm OD
 45mm ID x 49mm OD
 51mm ID x 55.4mm OD

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