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Sea Slyme Glass Rod (9920-S)

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Sea Slyme Glass Rod (9920-S)

SKU: 9920-S $17.50

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Sea Slyme is very workable. A milky blue-green, it fills part of the spectrum between the new Blue Slyme and regular Slyme. Like anything in the Slyme family, finished work can range from opaque to translucent to transparent in the same piece from the same rod. The Sea Slyme has the milky strike you know and love but it's more teal than the original. It can thin to transparent very easily, especially when you put it over clear or you can use it thicker for a more milky sea foam aqua green color. Sea Slyme likes a soft and bushy flame, like everything in the Slyme family. You will want to use a bushy neutral-to-slightly reducing flame with the Sea Slyme. Like the rest of the Slymes this glass is a little bit soft, meaning the COE is a little bit high, maybe a point, point and a half. This is the same as Slyme, Dense Slyme 3, Satin Slyme and Pink Slyme, and all the opaque candy colors, Pink Caddy, Wisteria and Kiwi.

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