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PBI Glass Fiber Gloves and Mittens - HB Series (2600° F)

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PBI Glass Fiber Gloves and Mittens - HB Series (2600° F)


These PBI glass fiber gloves provide unbeatable heat protection. PBI (Polybenzimidazole) is a high performance organic fiber, originally developed for NASA's Apollo Project. PBI does not burn in air, retains its strength and suppleness even when charred, will not melt or emit toxic fumes or vapors, has excellent flexibility, and has been field tested at temperatures up to 2600° F.

Although the PBI glass fiber gloves have a higher initial cost than asbestos gloves, they are incredibly cost-effective, proven to outlast asbestos by as much as 9 to 1. All of our seamless gloves utilize jumbo size patterns for better comfort and cooling characteristics. The extra wide cuff openings allow the glass fiber gloves to be dropped with a flick of the wrist in case of molten splash or excess heat build-up. All of our PBI glass fiber gloves feature fully insulated heavyweight 100% wool linings for added glove life along with aramid (a microbial blocker to keep liners fresh).

The HB Series (Heavyweight PBI-Kevlar Blend) seamless glass fiber gloves are manufactured from 45 oz. basket weave material. This series is ideal for applications which require greater thermal and abrasion resistance, where flexibility is not a primary concern. HB Series gloves have been used at temperatures exceeding 2600° F.

Made in The USA

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 14" HB Series Gloves, Aramid & Wool Liner
 23" HB Series Gloves, Aramid & Wool Liner
 8" HB Series Cover Mitts

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