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Paragon Fusion-7 Glass Fusing Kiln

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Paragon Fusion-7 Glass Fusing Kiln

SKU: P20-FUSION7 $1,190.00

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Paragon Fusion-7 Glass Fusing Kiln Bernadette Boutier of Grapevine, Texas wrote, "I proudly show off my Fusion-7 to my stained glass buddies. I am not the usual hot glass artist, but rather an odd duck that enjoys refurbishing antique stained glass windows. Much of the glass used in those old windows can never be made again due to the nature of the silicas, colors, and manner in which they were manufactured 100 years ago. I am left to either use new glass made by the various glass companies where the color is not quite right, or I work (play) on fusing several types of new glass that looks like (or comes close) to the broken glass that I am trying to replace. I've enjoyed the experimentation, and I get some awesome colors and textures. "I decided that I wanted a Paragon for several reasons: I had heard that the quality was tops, and I found that to be true. Second, the service by Paragon and the folks who work there is second to none. I could go on and on about why I like my Fusion-7, but in a nutshell, I love it because it is the largest kiln that will run off a 120 volt line, and it is so very versatile, with more room than you would think when working with relatively large pieces of glass. It is a great product, and you guys just keep on keeping on with what you're doing." Paragon's new Fusion-series digital hot glass kilns are packed with exciting features. They come in 6, 7, 8 and 10-sided versions. The Fusion-7 is the 7-sided version. The digital Sentry Xpress 3 key controller comes standard on all Fusion-series kilns. Control both heating and cooling with simple 3-key operation. The Fusion-7 offers the convenience of 120 volt operation. The Fusion-series lid elements use a new element groove that eliminates element pins. The element coils are wider than the groove opening, so the elements stay in place without pins. A heavy galvanized steel base covers the reversible brick bottom completely. It folds up under the stainless case on all sides to strengthen the firing chamber. This is one more assurance that your Paragon kiln is built to last. Judith Conway of Vitrum Studio said, "The Paragon Fusion-7 is an excellent kiln. Operating on regular household current, it is an easy addition to your home/studio. And Paragon offers better-than-excellent customer service. We have sold many, many Fusion-7's, and all our customers/students/friends recommend them to others as both a great starter kiln and a kiln to keep on hand for both test firings and smaller firings and smaller load firings in the years to come." Imagine the glass you could sag, slump, and fuse with this kiln. Make small bowls, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, and even bracelets. Enjoy the glittering beauty of dichroics. Make treasured gifts. When you own a Paragon kiln, you can experiment with new glass ideas to your heart's content. Becky Johnson, a glass teacher in Dallas, Texas, describes the excitement of a kiln: "I like to open the kiln with my students so that we can review and admire each other's treasures together. The transformation of the glass inside the kiln is magical and mystical. It changes from pieces of arranged cut glass to awe-inspiring art. To be some part of that process is a true gift." The Sentry Xpress 3-key controller is packed with features. It includes two modes: Single Speed and 8-segment Ramp-Hold. Features of the Sentry Xpress 3-key Controller on Non-Ceramic Paragon Kilns

  • Design programs with up to 8 segments (steps) in Ramp-Hold mode.
  • Fire to a single temperature at a single speed in the simplified Single Speed mode.
  • Ramp-Hold mode can store 4 programs.
  • Skip a segment in Ramp-Hold during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram.
  • Change the target temperature in Ramp-Hold during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram.
  • Hold (soak) the temperature in both Single Speed and Ramp-Hold. Experiment with Hold to improve color saturation of china paints.
  • Add Hold Time during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram.
  • Control both heating and cooling in Ramp-Hold.
  • Program Review lets you check the program you are about to fire.
  • Program the Temperature Alarm to sound when the kiln reaches a specific temperature. Use this to remind yourself to check on the kiln.
  • Temperature display throughout firing and cooling in your choice of °F or °C
  • Thermocouple Offset adjusts the thermocouple readout.
  • Set the Delay to turn on the kiln later to suit your schedule.
  • Error Messages report mechanical problems such as a disconnected thermocouple, stuck relay or broken element.
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • LED Lights show whether you are in program, review, or firing mode.
  • Colorful, illustrated instruction manual. Download it from the "Additional Information" section below to review these features in more detail.

Features of the Fusion-7

  • Digital Sentry Xpress with 8 Segment Ramp-Hold, Skip Segment & Program Review
  • Heating elements in top of all models
  • Element groove that eliminates element pins
  • ¼" heavy duty sheathed Type-K thermocouple
  • 2 ½" insulating refractory firebrick in walls and bottom; 3" firebrick lid
  • Lock-in lid support
  • Full-formed galvanized steel base
  • Louvered switch box, heavy duty wiring
  • Tapered peephole with plug for a wide view

The Fusion-7 can now ship by UPS. Enjoy lower shipping cost and faster service. Specially designed cartons and foam padding assure that the kiln will arrive safely. The Fusion-7 & GF-7B Furniture Kit Glass must be fired on a ceramic shelf; never directly on the kiln firing chamber bottom. 1 - C-13 - 13" Round Shelf 4 - 1" wide Square Posts, ½" long 1 lb. Bag Glass Separator  

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