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Double Helix Glass

Home Glass Soft Colored Glass - 104 Coe Double Helix Glass


Melia 4431 (OUT OF STOCK)

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Melia 4431 (OUT OF STOCK)

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Melia is a satin textured, iridescent luster glass.  Also related to the Arke, Iris, and Iaso.  At least three types of luster effects are possible; a straight silver luster, an iridescent luster, and a textured satin finish. Super heating Melia will cause a separation of components, creating striations and veining when reduced. To achieve the iridescent luster; pass the bead through a small, cool reduction flame. Repeat until the desired color saturation is visible. To achieve the textured satin effect; repeatedly pass the bead through the farthest reaches of a medium reduction flame, taking care to avoid getting the bead too hot. We have found that a 10" flame with 4" candles works well for this technique. Using a variety of reduction techniques, Melia can yield silver, teal, magenta, and turquoise lusters with or without the textured satin finish. In the sample bead, the iridescent effect was developed first, followed by the textured satin effect.

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