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Leonardo Slim Line Brass Marver

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Leonardo Slim Line Brass Marver

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The Leonardo Precision Slim Line Marver is custom made of brass by hand in the USA, and is 10 inches long to the pointed tip. The brass plate is 1 1/2 inches by 3 1/4 inches. It is light weight and is great for smaller or detailed work and getting into smaller places. The edge can be used as a blade and the pointed tip for dragging glass. The thickness of the plate is about 4 business cards or 2mm thin. I originally had the tool made from a larger version tool that was introduced to me from a man in Hawaii. It is the perfect size and I don't use anything else. I have always liked how the brass shaped the glass and felt in my hand. I can make 2 earring beads side by side and slip the tool into the small space in the middle to marver it. One word of caution: DO NOT use the tool in the flame or it will stick to the glass. All tools should be used out of the flame so as not to ruin them including brass, stainless, and graphite. DO NOT over heat and lay down on the table or the marver may bend. Let cool first.

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