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Kevlar/Carbon Fiber Seamless Terry Knit Gloves with Wool Liner - 2.5

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Kevlar/Carbon Fiber Seamless Terry Knit Gloves with Wool Liner - 2.5

These Cool Grip® seamless glass fiber gloves featuring a 50/50 blend of Kevlar and Carbon Fiber are a heat-resistant miracle. Kevlar will not melt or drip when exposed to open flame, making it the material of choice for high-heat applications. Carbon fiber even exceeds Kevlar® when it comes to direct flame, and neither material will support combustion. These seamless glass fiber gloves can withstand extreme open-flame exposure without charring, burning or cracking. A 100% wool knit terry liner traps air for added insulation. This glove-within-a-glove design provides comfort, full range of motion, and exceptionally high heat holdout. Available in two wrist lengths: regular, and extended, for greater forearm protection. These seamless glass fiber gloves that full heat protection and unprecedented dexterity.


  • Kevlar®/carbon fiber blend is impervious to flame, heat
  • Glove-within-a-glove design traps air for excellent protection against thermal contact
  • A 100% wool knit terry liner traps air for added insulation
  • Great dexterity and comfort for a glove with this much heat protection
  • Heat protection of up to 608° F (320° C) 

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1 Review    |    Write a Review
Blake B - April 15, 2016

Tried these gloves out of curiosity. I was very surpised how well they work!! These gloves don t burn up like thinner kevlar ones. From direct flame to flame splash burns when working side seal these gloves will save your hand so u can work comfortable daily. There also not to bulk so when applications call for holding short pieces of glass these help greatly. They have quickly become a stardard glove in out shop

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