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Covington Lapping Machine

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Covington Lapping Machine


  • Water supply feeds through shaft center and dual overhead loc-line
  • Aluminum water manifold controls fluid flow
  • Heavy welded steel chassis
  • Stainless steel splash guard and brush
  • Now works with household GFCI!
  • 1" Stainless steel shaft with welded flange
  • Heavy duty ball bearings
  • Shaft will accept 5/8" - 11RH male accessories (adapter not included)
  • Unit mush ship freight carrier
  • 220V, 50Hz available for international orders and 220V, 60Hz available for domestic orders
  • Variable Speed

The 12" Beveler/Grinder is a versatile unit designed to cold-work pieces of glass.  With the appropriate accessories this unit will grind, shape, and polish small work pieces.  Flat diamond discs are the cleanest, fastest way to make glass bevels.  A 1" brass centering pin aligns magnet easily.  The brush and removable stainlesss steel splashguard allow larger pieces to be worked while keeping water splash to a minimum.  There are several features built into these units including a water sleeve that allows water to come up through the shaft center and disperse from the middle of the plate, and an overhead loc-line water supply.  It also has a 5/8" - 11RH female thread that accepts a variety of different diamond finishing tools.  An optional male-to-male brass fitting for female threads is also available.  The bearings are 11" apart on the shaft to give rigidity and stability to the blanched and precision ground 12" plate.  This unit is made with 11-guage box tubing and 18-guage removable side panels topped with heavy-duty powder coatings.  The side panels are easy to remove making maintenance and lubrication simple.

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