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Carlisle Burners

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Carlisle CC Lampworking Bench Burner

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Carlisle CC Lampworking Bench Burner

The burner that started it all is still the standard of the industry. The Carlisle CC burner has two separate flames to allow for maximum control. The centerfire is a pre-mix tip that can either be a #3 (standard) or a #5 (special order). The outerfire is surface mixed and is excellent for boosting the heat when you need it.

These units are offered with either a ball and post mount, or the upgraded rack and pinion mount. The rack and pinion allows for ease of positioning, with a knob on either side of the unit to change the articulation of the head. The ball and post will also allow for some articulation, but should not be done while the unit is emitting a flame. , There are many other options and sizes that can be selected for a more custom torch, such as the CC Plus, CC ++, 2 or 4 inlets, hose barbs or welding hose connections, and also the air optimizer!

The standard burners in stock have 2 inlets, hose barb adapters, and a #3 centerfire tip. Other units are available to order. Also available for use with Hydrogen.

RECOMMENDED OPERATING PRESSURES:  5 psi of Natural Gas or Oxygen and 10 psi of Oxygen.

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Item No.
 CC Bench Burner with Ball and Post Mount (2 inlets)
 CC Bench Burner for use with Hydrogen
 CC Bench Burner with Rack and Pinion Mount (2 inlets)
 Graphite top mount 2” x 3”

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1 Review    |    Write a Review
Jeff - March 28, 2016

Excellent torch at a great price - Thanks!

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