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  Torches - Accessories
Flashback Arrestors
Flashback Arrestors

Flashback Arrestors help prevent serious incidents caused by reverse gas flows or flashbacks. They are designed to stop flashbacks by preventing ignition of mixed gases while protecting equipment such as hoses, regulators, and cylinders.

Flashback Arrestors are required for use with all pre-mix torches, and are strongly recommended for all surface mix torches as well.

  • Color coding for gas service provides added safety - Oxygen (Green), Fuel Gas (Red)
  • Internal check valve designed to prevent reverse flow of oxygen and fuel gases
  • Maximum operating pressures of 22 PSI for Propane and 125 PSI for Oxygen
  • Reusable and does not require manual resetting
  • UL listed and 100% tested

Note that these cannot be used with gasses at or below 1 PSI, including residential presssure natural gas (approximately .25 PSI or 7" Water Column).

Item No. Description Amount Qty.
1810 Set of Flashback Arrestors (1 Fuel & 1 Oxygen) Was: $63.75 Now: $52.95  
1803 Oxygen Flashback Arrestor $35.00  
1804 Fuel Gas Flashback Arrestor $35.00  

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